SEO Mistakes

Optimizing your site is one of the most essential ways to boost your business sales online, as through SEO you push your business website up the page rankings of search engines like Google. With this you get better exposure to your target audience and as well greater incoming traffic to your site.

But while SEO has already proven its effectiveness throughout the past few years, many business website owners and marketers still commit major blunders. These errors are often left uncorrected, and later on become the cause of penalties, such as losing traffic, lower page rank, and even getting blacklisted from search engines.

So what exactly are the common SEO mistakes almost every business makes?

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1. Poorly written content.

Content marketing remains to be most powerful way to get incoming traffic and sales online.

Content that’s full of fluff is almost the same as spam; it’s not useful in any way, as readers couldn’t understand it properly and they do not get any vital information from it.Sadly, many marketers still come up with poorly written content, and this is in terms of informative details and grammar.

The same goes with content filled with bad grammar; it’s also hard to understand.

Hence, if you consistently produce bad content, you not only get poor rankings-you can even be penalized as well.

2 .Over-optimization.

Another common mistake made in the world of SEO is having a site that’s too optimized. The anchor texts are everywhere, the tags are all linked, and the content is more like a tub of links going to the target site. Over-optimization makes your website a candidate for Penguin and Panda penalties because there’s an overwhelming flow of traffic coming into your site, but most of it doesn’t convert into end sales.

3. Using too many keywords.

Keywords still play a big role in SEO, and unfortunately they are still misused by many site owners and marketers. Among the biggest blunders of keywords that lead to SEO problems are using too many keywords and using the wrong keywords.

Using too many keywords, especially in anchor texts and content, make articles spammy. They also make the website too heavy as the links are scattered everywhere.

Using the wrong keywords on the other hand target the wrong audience-global keywords do not work when you are trying to reach a local audience, while generic keywords only attract traffic that’s not relevant to your niche.

4. Posting at the wrong networks.

Sure, you need to expand your audience. But this doesn’t mean you’re going to irrelevant sites just to introduce your brand. This will only make your website ridiculous, as it will not be noticed and its rankings will only go further down the drain.

Perhaps when sharing content with other networks, it would be better if you look for blogs and communities within your chosen niche. It’s because this is where your target audience is, and this is where your site will be properly recognized. You may not get as much incoming traffic, but if the traffic converts to sales, then that’s what matters more.

Martin Gill is a freelance writer who likes to pen articles about technology, SEO, market research and market trends among many others.