Today every business needs the own website to find prospective clients, follow competitors and communicate to the partners. The success of your website depends on many details that should be taken into account to provide visitors with high-qualitative website. So we would like to give you some pieces of advice to make your web development life easier and tips to make your website user friendly.

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Navigation issues

Whether your site consists of 3 or 23 pages, make sure users can easy find exactly what they are looking for. You should have links on each page, but don’t put all in heap confusing users.

Complete your website

Try not to leave “Under Construction” pages. If you have any uncompleted page, just don’t put a reference bottom which leads to the empty list on the Home Page.

Quality content

Even if you have plenty of videos and images on your website, don’t forget about the content. Both the users and search engines like it, so try to fill your website with interesting articles that consist of keywords. Make your posts not too long and interesting.


Well, you have an interesting content. Now you need to make sure that it hasn’t any spelling or grammar errors and makes sense. Titles must be checked in the most accurate way.


Make sure you left your contacts to let your prospective clients or partners communicate with you. Leave your legal address or e-mail at least. Also make sure you put your location in the footer. This also helps search engines to recognize your website.

Difficult perception

Before you or your designer finish the website, read everything and try to give unbiased assessment of your articles, background, text color, etc. Assure it wouldn’t make users looking through the required information. Otherwise, you can just lose your prospective clients.

Continue improvement

Just don’t think that getting your website online is the end. You have to improve it spending time to index it and get desired visitors. You can make your site live its life. Care about it and only this way you can get the stable results. It can’t be completed ever. You need to update and maintain it frequently to achieve high rates in the network.


You should know who visits your site and how you can get more users. Follow ways they are coming from, the time of staying on the pages and information that led them to you site. Such tools as Google Analytics can be used for it.